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Are you someone who struggles with the motivation?  Have you tried loads of diets only to put the weight back on? Do you need more professional help to get you looking how you really want?

Then Code PT membership is right for you. 


From £85 a month (6 month contract)

Have a Code coach help you with your nutrition and take you through your training programmes each month.

When it comes to losing body fat most people try and do far too much, they try and train all the time and do a diet that's far too extreme to get lasting results from. Or they neglect to have the right structure to feel good about training and eating. This is a shame because food should be enjoyable and make you feel good. Here’s the truth: Getting the balance right with your training and eating is the secret weapon for long-term health, happiness and looking and feeling great.

Let one of our coaches help you set goals, show you how to work out what nutrition is right for you, take your stats monthly in order to help you get the results you want with professional help and support.

Each of our Code PTs has a speciality, visit #TeamCode to find out more, fill in the PT Enquiry Form then message us on Facebook to book an appointment to discuss how we can help you.  Or feel free to send us a message with any queries using the facebook chat function below for us to talk through the options with you.

What does your Code PT Membership Include? 

 1 PT session a month

With your Personal Trainer

Code PT transparent file.png

Nutritional Info 

Including all 4 Code recipe books

Training Plans

To follow in the gym as shown to you by your PT


 Photos to help you track your journey


Weight & body measurements taken monthly


Someone to be accountable to and to help you reach your goals


 Access to all the Code Bootcamps & Classes

Proven Results 

Professional help, support and guidance using proven systems

 See yourself looking and feeling how you really want.  

Code Member Erin's PT Results with Luke

“These are the diets I had tried and failed with before I got from Code – Atkins, the body coach, xls medical diet pills, Juice diet, Aloe clean 9 detox, Slim fast diet.


I joined Code because I had become uncomfortable in my own skin. Felt tired, was drinking too much, had a bad back, constantly felt sluggish and was sick of spending a fortune on fad quick fix diets that didn’t get me the long term results I was after, they would promise results in 14 days, but then I had no clue what to do after that, so would rebound even heavier than before and even more confused about diet, health and nutrition.


Code made me realise I could have a balance. If I watched what I ate in the week and stuck to the training plan, then on the weekend I could relax, have a bevvy and a meal out without over indulging and without doing too much damage to the scales. I also realised I couldn’t eat the same portion sizes as my husband as that was just too much for me! Learning portion control and what a ‘me’ size meal should look like was a key factor in my long term weight loss.


Personally for me joining Code was like retraining everything I had ever thought about dieting and being healthy, forgetting the fads and the quick fixes and finding something I could take forward and stick to.”


If you want to come in for a chat about how we can help you with Personal Training, complete this PT enquiry form and send us a message on Facebook and we'll get you booked in!

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