Ellie Matthews
Team Code PT

"I want to help you do things the right way.  To not make the mistakes I made, of restrictive diets and hours of cardio"

I will help you achieve your goals.  Show you the way to feel amazing and look great.

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I started my fitness journey under the wrong impression of what ‘health and fitness’ was. I would eat a restrictive diet and spend hours on cardio machines thinking that this was the only way to achieve my goals.


After a while, I realised how incorrect this information was and started to prioritise resistance training and recovery, and fuelling my body with a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats and I gained amazing results!


By nourishing my body and treating it with respect, I started to develop lean muscle and create curves and found losing body fat so much easier and pain free!


My goal now is to educate my clients to make this transition too. I want to help them to understand that you don’t need to be miserable to be healthy and in good shape.


You don’t need to spend hours a day working out or deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. You can eat the foods you love and find the right balance while hitting your goals along the way.


I like to work closely with my clients and build good relationships with them to ensure they feel comfortable within the gym setting and so they know they can trust me to put everything into helping them reach their specific goals.


I design individualised fitness programmes and nutritional guidelines that fit into my client’s everyday life, whilst sharing all my knowledge to ensure my clients are well equipped to maintain their new healthy habits and lifestyle in the long run. Whether your goal is weight loss, lean muscle building, glute growth, feeling stronger, feeling fitter, or feeling more empowered and confident, I can ensure you that I will do everything to make this happen!


If you are looking for a coach that will motivate you, push you but also make your sessions enjoyable then drop me a message I would be happy to help.


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8 Week Transformation 

2 PT sessions a week with me for 8 weeks

I'll go through everything you need need on how to eat for the results you want (including giving you all 4 Code recipe books)

Code memberships including programmes based on your goals that I'll will have shown you

Stats taken monthly using the Tanita MC-780 MA taken monthly and photos at start and as you progress 

You'll be accountable to me and I'm here to help you

My professional help, support and guidance

Access to all the Code boot camps and classes at Code

You also get the help of everyone else at Code, as we all work as a team to get the best results possible


This is £630.  Contact me to book.

12 Week Transformation 

Training Now Gym Fitness Facebook Post.png

12-week Transformation - £1,260


3 PT sessions per week with me to ensure you the best results possible.

I cover all of your nutrition.


I look at your lifestyle habits I come up with ways to ensure you succeed. 


I'll give you all 5 of the Code Recipe books.


Stats taken monthly using the Tanita body comp scales.


Photos at start and as you progress 

Learn to Train (LTT)

Here's what you get with my Learn to Train system 

My LTT system is designed for me to teach you and you then take away everything you've learnt and apply it to your training.  


You get 8 1-hour PT sessions over 4 weeks where I show and teach you how to train.  Things like glue activation, progression and regression of exercises, I'll tell you which exercises are a waste of time and which ones will get you the best results.  I'll train you and make sure you learn the perfect techniques to maximise your results from the gym.  


You can then take this knowledge away with you to help your own training, covering things like sets, reps, exercise selection, exercise technique, nutrition and recovery.  I can also cover anything you feel you want to learn more about!!

This is £315, and includes 4 weeks membership at Code, contact me to book. 


Our Results

Erin Coleman Front 6 weeks.jpeg


“These are the diets I had tried and failed with before I got from Code –

Atkins, the body coach, xls medical diet pills, Juice diet, Aloe clean 9 detox, Slim fast diet."

Jake Front comparisson.jpg


"In October 2016 I weighed 148kg I’d put 25kg on in 5 years. I know that from my induction medical at my employers. I currently weigh around 116kg.  I’ve lost a little over 5 stone, which I’m proud of."



"The atmosphere is always upbeat and friendly. Never been to a gym before and enjoyed going because the people are so nice."