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Are you an experienced gym goer who doesn't need any help or support from us but just want an awesome gym to train in?  Then our access only membership is right for you.  Check out the images below to see what we're all about.

£59 a month (4 month contract)

Once you've joined go to book online and book 'Digital Signature' ( ) this will be a 10 min appointment but literally takes 2 mins, as you need to digitally sign one document at Code before you use the gym.  You can also book in for an induction so we can show you any equipment that you're not sure of or go through any techniques that you want any help with.


There is a great atmosphere at Code. No one judges you, everyone is there for the same reason. I often felt uncomfortable before walking into a gym, but at Code it's like a big family. You walk in, the music's pumping and everyone just cracks on!

Charlie Ann

Are you visiting the area or wanting to train at our facility as a one off? 

If so, our £10 day pass or £25 week pass is right for you.

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