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Code PT Resuts: Erin & Luke

“These are the diets I had tried and failed with before I got from Code –

Atkins, the body coach, xls medical diet pills, Juice diet, Aloe clean 9 detox,

Slim fast diet.

I joined Code because I had become uncomfortable in my own skin. Felt tired, was drinking too much, had a bad back, constantly felt sluggish and was sick of spending a fortune on fad quick fix diets that didn’t get me the long term results I was after, they would promise results in 14 days, but then I had no clue what to do after that, so would rebound even heavier than before and even more confused about diet, health and nutrition.

Code made me realise I could have a balance. If I watched what I ate in the week and stuck to the training plan, then on the weekend I could relax, have a bevvy and a meal out without over indulging and without doing too much damage to the scales. I also realised I couldn’t eat the same portion sizes as my husband as that was just too much for me! Learning portion control and what a ‘me’ size meal should look like was a key factor in my long term weight loss.

Personally for me joining Code was like retraining everything I had ever thought about dieting and being healthy, forgetting the fads and the quick fixes and finding something I could take forward and stick to.”



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