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Code PT Story: Ollie

"Over the last 20 years I’ve trained for performance and strength and muscle and power and sometimes for fat loss and sometimes for just for fun. I’ve trained for sport and performance, for vanity, for my ego, for physical health and for my mental health. I’ve trained at gyms where I’ve been the strongest guy and I’ve trained in gyms where I’ve been the weakest guy. In gyms with swimming pools and spas and in gyms with no carpet and no heating. Used the best equipment and no equipment. I’ve trained with experts, amateurs and legends. Used programmes based on six days a week and used programmes based on two days a week. I’ve blasted through 30 minute training sessions and fought through punishing three hour sessions. I’ve trained with high volumes and low volumes, with high intensities and low intensities. Sometimes I’ve pushed my physical limits and sometimes I’ve coasted through. I’ve trained and experienced success and failure, hit personal bests and sustained painful injuries. I’ve had a handful of great training sessions, but the vast majority have been average. What ever happens I keep turning up and being consistent."



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