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Code 90 Results: Charlie-Ann

1. Why did you do Code90? I decided to do Code 90 as it was kind of the last resort for me! I had tried it all yet still couldn't stick to anything long term. I had gained a few pounds, given up the gym a while back, and my mental health was also suffering because of this. So, beginning of October, laid in bed chatting with my partner, I decided enough was enough! I was fed up with feeling sluggish with the extra weight i had put back on again that i knew i had to do something. He told me to message Code there and then, get my bum into gear, back in the gym and give it my all this time. It was just what I needed to hear!

2. What have you found the hardest about doing Code 90? The hardest thing I found about doing Code 90 for me was just the time of year I started.That's it! People were often saying, 'why start now, it's winter, might as well start after xmas' or ' you'l never fancy the gym when its dark and cold in the evenings'. But if I didn't start when I did, I would definitely not be feeling like I do now. I'm so pleased I did it, I only gained 3lb over the whole of Christmas and in total lost 17lb by the start of January!

3. How do you feel now after doing Code90? I am feeling great at the moment. I have always been broad and a curvy girl, it's in my Gene's, but loosing some weight and toning up has made me feel better. I am no where near done yet but already my clothes fit better and being able to pull out tops and Jean's that used to be tight is the best feeling ever!

4. How do you feel when you getting dressed to go out? It feels good wearing things that show my personality. Feeling crap and being overweight meant I felt I couldn't wear tight fitted clothing. Literally everything in my wardrobe was oversized or black. It's nice to not only loose weight but to buy new clothes. ( Which I've done quite alot of lately, and why the bloody hell not!) 📷:-) Its nice to get compliments on how I look.

5. How have you found the nutritional plans for Code90? The nutrition side of things was a bit of a worry for me, I'm not going to lie.I think we automatically assume starting a gym program we will be living on chicken and rice, carrot sticks and hummus etc. How wrong was I! I now have so much more of an understanding of food, portions and that nothing is really off limits. At Code, you gain access to a private members support group where there are loads of meal ideas, booklets and recipes to try. I used to be obsessed with food, and binge eating and emotional eating was a struggle for me. Now I still have treats but I have a better understanding of what my body actually needs and my portions are controlled.

6. Have people noticed you’ve changed, and how do you feel when someone says 'you look great what’ve you been doing'? I have had a lot of people message me about Code 90 and have followed my weightloss journey so far. It makes me feel nice when people notice my weightloss or comment on a picture of me out with friends. I feel so much more confident, and I'm even starting to smile alot more at the camera instead of hiding in the background.

7. What were your biggest problems or challenges to weight loss before you started with Code? My biggest challenge before Code was binges and portion control. I had followed diet plans with 'free foods' and eating so much that I felt like I was constantly eating. Since starting Code I have learnt alot about portions and that my body doesn't need so much food for me to feel satisfied. I don't go hungry on the meal plans at Code and there are no foods that are off limits. It's all about balance!

8. How have you found the help and support at Code? Nothing is ever too much at Code. I don't feel it's like other gyms where you just swipe your card and thats it... Code is much more than that. Weather it's a friendly hello when you walk in or even a pat on the back when your walking past a personal trainer if to say.. 'You've got this' You actually feel valued. From the minute you walk in, everyone is always happy to help and support you. You also have regular catch ups which spurrs you to keep going until your next check in.

9. What’s the environment like at Code? There is a great atmosphere at Code. No one judges you, everyone is there for the same reason. I often felt uncomfortable walking into a gym, but at Code it's like a big family. You walk in, the music's pumping and everyone just cracks on!

10. What would you say to others who are thinking about doing Code90? Do it! You might think 12 weeks is a bit of a commitment, and the thought of lifting weights might put you off especially if you haven't been in a gym for a long time.But it's honestly so worth it. Your body shape will completely change. You will get all of the tools, guides and tailored programs to help you. You can check in and ask as many questions as you like. If like me and you just need some structure and to loose a bit of extra weight ready for summer, then now is the time. There's still time for you to achieve those goals in time for the sunshine.

11. What are you doing now that you’ve finished Code90? Since finishing Code 90 and loosing well over a stone now. I have joined as a member and still train 3 times a week. My food has completely changed and it has helped kick start my weightloss and got back in the gym again.

12. Are you glad you did it? I'm so glad I did Code 90. 100% It gave me the push I needed to get back in the gym and loose some extra weight. I feel so much better mentally too and eating better has made me think more clearly as well. I'm now looking forward to continuing with the weightloss and feel confident abroad with the girls in June.

13. How does Code compare to other gyms you I‘ve trained at before? At many other gyms you'd have your usual induction and then you're kind of left to it. Code is on another level as you receive guides, access to a support group and tailored workouts and nutrition advice throughout.

14. How could we make it better? I wouldn't change anything about Code 90. I think it's a fantastic program and the gym is great.


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