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Code Fat Loss System Results: Emma

"I started following Code on social media for a few months before finally deciding to join. I was so impressed with the results I’d seen. To get my body ‘into shape’ and to lose weight, my idea of the right way to do this then was to restrict what I considered ‘bad’ foods and live on a crazily small calorie intake. I fell into the common trap of forming a bad relationship with food, following an unmaintainable diet and ultimately making no progress at all. 

Since joining Code, I have not only been given nutritional guidance and plans which are tweaked depending on my goals, I have learned about why I need to fuel my body the way I do (carbs are absolutely my friend) and we track progress together. Best of all, I eat huge delicious meals, I don’t cut out any food, just eat at the right time, I’m full of energy, I can push through tough workouts and I’m in the best shape of my life with curves I never thought I would ever have! Learning from Code is honestly the best thing I could have done"



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