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Code Fat Loss System Results: Dinah

“Having followed many yo-yo diets over the years and trying boot camps and a gym by myself but constantly failing I found my self on a night out with friends in the baggiest size 18 dress I could find and decided things had to change. I had tried slimming world but became bored of the lack of variety and the usual 3 day style diets which left me feeling hungry and grabbing unhealthy snacks straight after and as a result my weight would fluctuate massively. I had seen and heard about Code and was so scared and embarrassed to join but the first time I walked in Alison made me feel so comfortable and supported and genuinely had an interest in helping me.  

Having signed up I was given nutritional plans to follow with lots of different tasty foods that left me feeling full afterwards. I know I have the support of the whole team here and I have Steve design and go through with me my gym programmes along with regular catch-ups to make adjustments or sometimes just small tweaks to my nutritional plans.  

The outcome is I have lost over 3 stone. I’ve watched my shape completely change and feel strong and healthy. The nutritional plans are flexible so you can mix and match how you like which enables me to be consistent and enjoy it. I now have new goals for next year, which I’m 100% confident I’ll achieve with the help and support of Code"



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