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Code 90 Results: Rachel

1. Why did you do Code90? I decided to do Code90 as I only wanted a short term contract to see if I could start getting results and have extra coaching than just joining a bog standard gym as I know nothing about using the equipment. I have had 3 children in the last 5 years and never really got back into shape each time so ended up with a lot of excess weight. My youngest was 4 months old when I started and now I have never felt so fit and energetic after have a baby even with lost sleep.

2. What have you found the hardest about doing Code 90? At the beginning I found it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. I wasn't a massive fan of going in the past as didn't know what I was doing. I also never got results before so it always discouraged me. I now however love going to the gym. I am completely converted from the staff being so friendly and the atmosphere is great. I don't ever feel out of place

3. How do you feel now after doing Code90? I feel AMAZING! I'm now more active, feel more confident in myself and less lethargic

4. How do you feel when you getting dressed to go out?

I haven't had a night out yet but I am going out at the end of March. I have purchased a new outfit which is two dress sizes small than before and I was actually excited about buying new clothes for a change as I actually bought things I wouldn't have before because they just wouldn't have flattered me. I cant wait to wear them!

5. How have you found the nutritional plans for Code90? I love the recipe books that Code fitness provided. They are so easy to make and have loads of flavour in them. I have even cooked them for family members and they cant believe how taste they are too.

6. Have people noticed you’ve changed, and how do you feel when someone says wow what’ve you been doing? Yes, I have started to get some really lovely comment on how quickly my body shape has changed. Its a real confidence booster once people can tell a difference and make you want to carry on.

7. What were your biggest problems or challenges to weight loss before you started with Code? My problem was the amount of food I ate and the types of food. Going to play centres and out to lunch regally with family or friends id always just eat what ever I wanted not thinking how many calories i was eating or picking any healthy options. I drove everywhere I went so was not active at all . I feel like I have been re-educated on how much food I should be eating and the types of food I should have. You don't have to cut out all the good stuff but I never realised just what I was putting in my body and how lazy id become.

8. How have you found the help and support at Code? The help is second to non. If you have any question no matter how insignificant everyone is always happy to answer them. The regular catch ups motivate you to keep going and help modify anything you need to do to get the best out of your time at code

9. What’s the environment like at Code?

The atmosphere is always upbeat and friendly. Never been to a gym before and enjoyed going because the people are so nice.

10. What would you say to others who are thinking about doing Code90?

DO IT, don't put it off any longer. You will be amazed if you listen to your trainer how quick you can get results

11. What are you doing now that you’ve finished Code90?

I am going to continue my membership to get even better results. I honestly never thought id enjoy going to a gym and this has completely changed my mind

12. Are you glad you did it? Yes, it has given me the push start I needed to get back to how I was before I had children which is my goal.

13. How does Code compare to other gyms you‘ve trained at before? To be honest I have hardly trained in other gyms. I have been members of a lot of gyms but never really gone to them. After my inductions never had any further help so just ended up cancelling. This is why code is so different and yes it may be more expensive but what's the point in paying for a cheaper membership that you're not going to use or get results like you do at code.

14. How could we make it better? I really think code is doing everything on point and can't complain about anything. You're an amazing team and really do highly recommend you to all no matter who you are.


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