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Code 90 Results: Mica

“I’ve trained at a local leisure centre before and never ever achieved anything, so coming to Code has been a big step for me and it’s been amazing, I’ve loved it. I joined Code90 because I wasn’t sure I would stick to this, I’ve never ever stuck at a gym before. For me having one-to-one pretty much time was what I felt I needed. A bit more structure and more planning, that’s why I did Code90. From Code90 I’ve had all my nutritional plans, training programmes, boot camps, and literally all the help I could ever ask for. 

I would recommend Code90 to everyone, definitely, for me it literally has changed my life. How I eat, my habits, my weight. I get loads of support; I like doing the boot camps with them pushing me. There are always coaches here to help me and if I’m doing something slightly wrong they’ll correct me. I feel I’ve definitely had a lot of help, it’s really been amazing. 

For me having someone there to be accountable to is really important. I think if I didn’t have someone to be accountable to I would go off the rails. Having someone to check in with to make sure that I’m ok and losing weight and losing fat and keeping me on track has been so important for me. The nutrition when I first started is was different to what I’m doing now, but to get me into habits and eating well and sticking to my calorie, everything have been maintainable and it hasn’t stopped me having a social life at all. Now I’ve got to the point where a need a little break from the dieting but I can do it in a way to keep in my calories and keep the weight dropping. For me I thought the food plans would be the hardest but it’s actually been easy.  

For me the value of money of Code 90 was having to stick to it. So for 3 months I knew I had to turn up I had someone to be accountable for and I wanted to make sure that for the 3 months I was here that I was going to lose weight. I though I was going to be here for 3 month but I’ve loved it so much I’ve joined as a Code member.  

From the second that I walked into Code I felt welcome, there’s always someone here who I can speak to if I want anything when I come in the gym and I know I can message on Facebook or Instagram and they’re there to help me. It’s way above any other gym. All the coaches are very good, everyone is really approachable and the environment is always really friendly and everyone chats to each other. But what I love is that everyone just gets on with there own thing. You don’t feel like you’re being watched, which when I was at the local leisure centre I felt everyone was staring at you and stood in gangs, it’s nothing like that at Code. I have felt part of the team and even just from following Code on social media when I walked in the gym I recognised people, and once my photos had been on their social media people in the gym would come up to me and say well done, so you do really feel like part of a team. 

I also love that I’m being educated in what I need, so I’m understanding women’s health and everything that goes with it, it’s really good. I’ve lost a stone and feel amazing. I love the compliments I’ve received when people have asked me what I’ve been doing to lose the weight. Code90!! with the help and support of Code"



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