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Code 90 Results: Elizabeth

1. Why did you do Code90? I saw on Facebook the results of the people that had done Code90 and thought I really want to change the way I felt and looked and thought their results were really good.

2. What have you found the hardest about doing Code 90? Nothing really as I have enjoyed every minute of Code90. And because my program was changed every 4 weeks I didn’t get bored of doing the same exercises.

3.How do you feel now after doing Code90? I feel amazing!!! My body shape has changed and my weight has come down which I am so pleased about. I am now a dress size smaller and clothes that didn’t used to fit me now do. And that feels great.

4. How do you feel when you getting dressed to go out? I feel so much more confident and this is because of the way my body shape has changed. I am wearing smaller clothes and different styles which I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing before I started Code90.

5. How have you found the nutritional plans for Code90? Really easy to follow. My daily calories were set for me and was told to use MyFitnessPal. I loved using the MyFitnessPal app as you can scan anything and you have the calories there which kept me on track and make the right choices. It gives you a lot of flexibility. Also the recipes that Code provided me with really helped me as they had a lot of choice and easy to follow and make. And I have never felt hungry as I am now eating the right things to fuel my body.

6. Have people noticed you’ve changed, and how do you feel when someone says wow what’ve you been doing? Yes and have commented how my body shape has changed and how good I look. It makes me feel great that people can see a difference in my body. And it’s all down to me and the help and support of everyone at Code

7. What were your biggest problems or challenges to weight loss before you started with Code? Just making the wrong food choices and being lazy!! I have tried other diets to lose weight but put it back on as they were not combined with exercise and was very restricting which made you want to binge eat as I was hungry.

8. How have you found the help and support at Code? The support is AMAZING!!!! There is always someone at the gym to help if you need it you just have to ask. If I was unsure about anything i felt at ease to ask any of the trainers for help and they were always happy to help. And also if I was doing something wrong they would offer me the help and support to making sure I was getting the best results. I had a meeting with Steve every 4/5 weeks to go through my program and my progress. And offering me any help if I needed it and to also go through my new program and show me how to do each exercise. Away from the gym the online support is great if I have any problem I would message on the Facebook page and someone would message me back within the same day. And offer the help and support I needed and next time I was in they would ask if everything was ok and took the time to make you feel valued. The main thing i love about Code is I wasn’t just a number, the staff knew my name and would always greet me unlike other gyms where no staff would make the effort or even talk to you. Let alone giving you the continued support to get the best results like Code do.

9. What’s the environment like at Code? Very welcoming from the first day I walked into the gym I felt at ease. I knew I had made the right choice. I have never felt uncomfortable as everyone is there for the same reason.

10. What would you say to others who are thinking about doing Code90? Definitely go for it!!!! I hadn’t stepped into a gym for over 4 years before starting Code and have enjoyed every minute of Code90.

11. What are you doing now that you’ve finished Code90? I am signing up to a 6 month Code membership as I know what they do here works.

12. Are you glad you did it? Definitely it is the start I needed to be fitter, healthier and slimmer!!

13. How does Code compare to other gyms you ‘ve trained at before? The best I’ve ever trained at!!! No other words needed.

14.How could we make it better? NOTHING!!!!!!!! Keep doing what you are doing you are all amazing!!!!!


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