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See yourself looking and feeling how you've always wanted with the help of our CODE FL6 - Fat Loss System A system that gets results and is personalised to you!

Our FL6 system is included in our Code Premier membership

£67 a month (4 month contract) - Code Premier our most popular membership

Change the way you see the gym. Join our 4 month fat loss system and see great results along the way. 

Are you someone who struggles to lose fat without putting it back on, and sometimes putting on even more? Or do you struggle with motivation? Do you go to the gym and not know what you should be doing to get the best fat loss results for you? Then CODE FL6 is right for you!


We're ready to help you but the next step is yours.

Never be confused again about how to lose body fat.

What does your Code Fat Loss System Membership Include? 

Fat Loss Plans

Set monthly to follow in the gym as shown to you by your Code coach

Nutritional Plans

Personalised targets set by your coach including all 4 Code recipe books



Support from not only your designated coach but a team of professionals to help, guide you and be accountable to


 Photos to help you track your journey


Weight & body measurements taken monthly

Monthly Check-ins

With your coach to help keep you on track and to reach your goals


 Access to all the Code Bootcamps & Classes

Proven Results 

Professional help, support and guidance using proven systems

 See yourself looking and feeling how you really want

Code Member Paul's FL6 Results


"To be honest I’ve never really seen myself as a gym kind of guy! Sure, I’ve been a member of gyms for years but I never really felt very comfortable and didn’t really know what to do! I just ended up on the cardio machines for 45 minutes then nervously messing around with some weights machines. I certainly never went anywhere near the free weights, I didn’t think they were for skinny guys like me!

It was my wife that got me to join Code and honestly it genuinely felt different as soon as I walked in. I had an initial meeting, which was weird as the most I’d got before was a 10 minute disinterested walk around a couple of machines for my “induction”!

We went though my goals, then gave me a detailed personalised programme laying out exactly what to do, including how to look after my nutrition (a first from a gym) and finally showed me each exercise to make sure I knew what I was doing.

Code honestly feels completely different to any other gym I’ve been a member of; it’s friendly, relaxed and really professional. The team are all there to make sure you get the results you want and they really know their stuff, the boot camps are ace too! Perhaps because I actually didn’t mind going, over time I started to see some real results. So much so in fact that I looked back at a photo of me before I joined and I was amazed to see how much leaner I had become – I hadn’t even realised it!

I found myself getting really into the challenge and despite it being tough at times, I’ve genuinely enjoyed it. I love a drink and this has helped me find a balance, believe me I’ve not stopped completely and have no intention of doing so!

I’m not going to stay as lean as this, but Code has given me the confidence and the knowledge of how to do it. 

I’ve always kept relatively fit but was utterly clueless with nutrition and weight training and even the impact of NEAT!

Awesome gym, top notch professional bunch of people 
Cheers guys – thanks for all the support"


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