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There's nothing more motivating than a gym with people in that want others to succeed as much as they want themselves to succeed.

"Personally for me joining Code was like retraining everything I had ever thought about dieting and being healthy, forgetting the fads and the quick fixes and finding something I could take forward and stick to."


See yourself looking and feeling how you've always wanted

If your goal is to lose body fat, build muscle or change your body composition then we've got the solution for you. Use one of our proven systems with the support of our team of coaches to get the results you've always wanted. 

Choose the proven system that will work best for you

Getting the balance right with your training and eating is the secret weapon for long-term health, happiness and looking and feeling great - we're here to help you. 

Feel free to send us a message with any queries using the facebook chat function below or book a consultation / gym tour slot online for us to talk through the options with you.

Change the way you see the gym
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